The Lakeview Hotel 


was developed by Spear Millar in the early 1930's as a prestige vacation property within the Prince Albert National Park. It was no accident that early developers of this period chose the scenic location — nestled high above the town site which offered beautiful views of Waskesiu Lake. 

Recognizing the uniqueness of the location the Resortco Development team was inspired to re-develop the Lakeview Hotel to create a legacy property for future generations to enjoy. 

The Lakeview — a re-developed property is comprised of 12 luxury hotel suites.




The beginning

Built by Spear Millar.

1930's - 1970's

Ownership from the 30's - 70's

Owned by Jack Sanderson > Russ Annatte > Harry Amos > Johnny Bowers and Della Webb > Pilon.


Change of ownership

Owned and operated by Joe Willien and Henry Brinkman.


Hotel opens year-round

Operated by Barb and Joe Krieg. The hotel was open year-round and hosted a special New Year’s Celebration with spectacular buffet and dance.


Change of ownership

Owned by Armstrong’s.


Change of ownership

Owned by Mel Wood.


Resortco Properties Inc. purchases the hotel

Owned by Resortco Properties Inc. Managed by Barry Hugo.


Property redeveloped

Resortco Development team redeveloped the property into 12 luxury hotel suites.